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Lina & Nattiel

To say that my husband and I are grateful is an understatement! We were devastated having gone through a Category 5 hurricane, just three months before our wedding day, which had left us with the possibility that our wedding could not happen. After we assessed the damages we decided to move forward with our wedding. Unfortunately, four days before our big day, we were told that the venue had some issue due to the hurricane and it was inoperable. When we communicated the news about the venue to Andrea, she moved on it right away and assisted us every step of the way and secured a new venue. Her persistence made all the difference and alleviated any last minute stressors that came up.

Our wedding day ran smoothly, and if there were any behind the scene hiccups, I knew Andrea took care of it. Andrea also introduced us to our photographer, who was absolutely amazing as well.

Despite going through a Category 5 hurricane, together we prevailed and stood strong. Today my husband and I are together and writing new pages of our life storybook and it was possible with Andrea's assistance! She is efficient, a go getter, professional, dependable, resourceful and very thorough. She is not only our friend, we see her as family! We hold her near and dear to our hearts and will forever be indebt to her.

                     -Mr. and Mrs. Nattiel Stanley

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J   ulia & Francois

50 years ago in a church room that included just the two of us and our officiant, we loving said I DO. Fast forward to our anniversary we had the opportunity to celebrate our marriage with a surprise vow renewal and celebratory reception with all our family and friends in attendance. It was the wedding we never had to the marriage we wouldn't trade for the world. And thanks to our children conceiving this idea, Andrea put it all into motion and delivered a wonderful and beautiful 50th Wedding Anniversary for us. We are so blessed that she made this happen. We had the most special time!

                                       -Julia and Francois

Liz & Sylvester

Andrea was our wedding saver! Syl and I were able to fully enjoy our wedding from start to finish. Our celebration with our family and friends was everything we wanted. Thank you so much Andrea for planning and coordinating our wedding for us, you are so appreciated.

                                         -Liz and Sylvester

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